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TikTok is a drug supplied by the Chinese government to Americans. New Chairperson of China’s New Council Selection Committee Says

GOP Representative Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin told NBC’s “Meet The Press” in an interview that aired Sunday that he called TikTok “digital fentanyl” because “it’s addictive and highly destructive.” And we are continuing to see worrying data about the corrosive effects of social media. It applies especially to young men and women here in America,” and because it “effectively goes back to the Chinese Communist Party.”

Gallagher, whom House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy has appointed to chair the new House Select Committee. has said he believe video apps should be banned in the United States. (McCarthy is a front-runner to be a speaker in the House when the new session begins Tuesday. Even though he’s still here There is not enough voting obligation. to be elected on the voting floor)

TikTok, parent company ByteDance, is owned by China. do not use electronic devices Managed by the United States House of Representatives. According to an internal announcement sent to congressional officials, the US government will also ban TikTok from all federal devices. This is part of legislation included in the $1.7 trillion bus fare bill. which President Joe Biden signed last weekThe move comes after several states in recent weeks implemented a ban on TikTok on government devices.

Previously, TikTok called the government’s attempt to ban the app from devices “a scam.” “A political stance that will do nothing to advance national security interests,” TikTok declined to comment on the ban restrictions.

Gallagher says he wants to go further. When TikTok’s popularity skyrocketed, he believed so. must be controlled.

“We had to ask if we wanted the CCP to control what was going to become the most powerful media company in America,” he told NBC. Gallagher supported a government ban on TikTok. and said the United States should “extend the ban across the country.”

The company is accused of censoring content that is politically sensitive to the Chinese government. This included a ban on some accounts posted about China’s mass internment camps in western Xinjiang. The US State Department estimates that up to 2 million Uyghurs and Muslim minorities are being held in these camps.

“What if they start censoring the news, right? What if they start tweaking their algorithms to determine what the CCP deems appropriate to print?” Gallagher warned. Compare the situation with the KGB and Pravda buying The New York Times and other major newspapers. During the Cold War

US policymakers have cited TikTok as a national security risk. And critics say ByteDance may be forced by Chinese authorities to hand over TikTok data related to US citizens. or act as a conduit for malicious influence. Security experts say the information could allow China to identify intelligence opportunities or try to influence Americans through disinformation campaigns.

There is no evidence that this actually happened. Although the company confirmed last month it had fired four employees. Improperly accessing two journalists’ TikTok user data on the platform

But TikTok has hundreds of millions of downloads in the United States. And the highly influential social media platform has helped countless online creators build their brands and livelihoods. As its popularity grows, TikTok may have overgrown.

Since 2020, TikTok has been negotiating with the US government. about a possible deal to address national security concerns and allowing US users to use the app. “Major Concerns About Corporate Governance Content recommendations and moderation and data security and access.” The company has also taken steps to block user data in the US. Both organizational and technological from other parts of TikTok’s business.

But the apparent lack of progress in the negotiations has pissed off some critics of TikTok, including in Congress and at the state level. Push for apps to be banned from government devices and possibly even wider.

Gallagher said on “Meet the Press” that he would sell TikTok to American companies, but “the devil is in the details.” “I don’t think this should be a partisan issue.”

When asked about Russian investments in Telegram and Saudi investments on Twitter, Gallagher said his “broader concerns”. both of which are part is that we see authoritarian governments exploiting technology to try to gain total control over their citizens,” calling it “technological totalitarian control.”

Gallagher also called for It noted that Chinese authorities are allowed to use apps like Twitter, but Chinese citizens are not allowed access to those same apps. He said he would like to see a deal under the condition that “If your government does not allow your citizens to access the platform We will deny your government officials access to that same platform.”

“Government can’t raise your kids, can’t protect your kids for you,” Gallagher said, “but there are some reasonable things we can do to create a better social media ecosystem.”

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