This is why Soldar is important to Russia.


Wagner, a Russian private military company video post In the Telegram on Thursday evening Directly insulted the Russian Defense Ministry’s claim that General Russian military forces took part in the attack on Soledar.

A day after Russia’s Ministry of Defense modified the order of the so-called. Wagner’s position was doubled as confirmed by Yevgeny Prigozin, the sole head of his forces responsible for Operation Soledar. which is in direct conflict with the Ministry of Defence.

The video shows two men, covering their faces, wearing tired clothes. and stood in what looked like an underground shelter. with light from a bright flashlight

“We are Air Force officers. We declare that the Air Force is not involved in the attack on Soledar,” said one man. “The attack on Soledar was only undertaken by PMC Wagner forces. We weren’t even sent in that direction.”

CNN could not verify the identity of the men or the veracity of their statements. But it’s important that Wagner posted it all, because competing claims that Russian forces were responsible for the attack in eastern Ukraine have become a central point of the fraud controversy. Russian power structure

Some context: On Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry said that Regular Russian forces were operating in and around Soledar without mentioning Wagner.

“Airborne troops blocked Soledar from the north and south of the city.” The ministry said on Telegram channels.“Russian aerospace forces attack enemy strongholds. The raids are fighting in the city.”

But Prigozhin called the claim that non-Wagner Russian forces participated in the Soledar attack “fake information.”

“I would like to emphasize that Soledar was only captured by the Wagner PMC,” he said in a statement published on the Wagner Telegram channel on Monday.

The Ukrainian military confirmed on Thursday that the city remains disputed. and their troops also “Perform counter-attacks” in the agreement.

Some pro-Kremlin-minded Russian military bloggers speculated on Wednesday’s announcement by the Russian Defense Ministry of Valery Gerasimov as commander. “Special Military Operations” was partly inspired by Wagner’s success.

On a visit with his troops near Bakhmut during New Year’s Eve, Prigozhin directly reprimanded the Kremlin bureaucrats.

“This year we will win! But first we will overcome our internal bureaucracy and corruption,” Prigozhin told his fighters in a video posted on Telegram.

“Once we overcome internal bureaucracy and corruption We will conquer Ukraine, NATO and the whole world.”

“The problem now is that government officials and those involved in corruption will not listen to us. Because on New Year’s Day they will all drink champagne.”

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