The United States will send Ukraine a more advanced and deadly version of the Abrams tank. Pentagon said

US M1A2 Abrams tank in Germany
US M1A2 Abrams tank in Germany. (Daniel Karmann/Alliance Images/Getty Images)

The United States will send the M1A2 Abrams to Ukraine, which has greatly improved capabilities compared to its predecessor, the M1A1.

Deputy Secretary of Defense Sabrina Singh confirmed on Thursday that the M1A2 will be the Abrams version supplied to the Ukrainian people. She said the US did not “have too many of these tanks in US stock” and would take “many months to transfer” the tanks to Ukraine.

The M1A2 is a significant upgrade from the older M1A1, largely due to the way the A2 performs. on digitalAs opposed to the A1’s analog system.

It’s “the difference between a plug-in phone – a rotary phone – and the iPhone you have in your hands,” explained retired Army Gen. Robert Abrams. Former US Army Commander Korea whose father is the same name as a 70-tonne tank

US officials Announced this week It said 31 Abrams tanks would be sent to Ukraine after several days between the United States and its allies. told reporters on Tuesday that The decision is still in consideration.

More about tanks: US President Joe Biden said from the White House on Wednesday that the tank would “enhance Ukraine’s ability to defend its territory and achieve its strategic objectives.”

In addition to the digital transformation with the A2, the new tank is “much more dangerous” than the A1, Abrams said, including a commander’s independent heat indicator. In the past, only the shooter had a thermal point. Now there’s a tank commander too. This allows them to scan for and identify targets. The digital system also allows tankers to run diagnostics on their aircraft. said Abrams instead of waiting for the engine to run a test to identify any problems

Speaking of which, Abrams said the M1A2 is “superior in terms of lethality, survivability and mobility” compared to everything the Russians have on the battlefield.

It is not clear which version of the A2 tank it is. there are threewill be selected Singh declined to speak during a Pentagon briefing on Thursday. And Bush declined to speak on Wednesday.

Bush added that the concern is about transportation and maintenance for each model. This is often cited as the reason why the United States Reluctance to send Abrams altogether didn’t give much weight to the decision.

He also explained that the Army did not produce new tanks from scratch and instead modified older existing tanks. “That doesn’t mean it’s always quick or easy,” he added. But currently there is no need to build from scratch.

CNN’s Michael Conte contributed reporting to this post.

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