The UK’s new law for groundless strikes will be presented to parliament.


The UK government will present the law to parliament on Tuesday. which mandates critical public services to maintain a minimum level of security during worker strikes.

The UK is experiencing a wave of industrial action. This is because wage increases fail to maintain double-digit inflation. which is now at the highest level in 40 years. And railway workers were among those who went on strike.

Talks between government ministers and unions on Monday failed to make progress to prevent further strikes being planned.

The government has said it will discuss the minimum level of safety required for fire, ambulance and rail services. which is part of the new law

“We will not withdraw the right to strike from the people. But… when there is a strike Life and limb must come first. And there must be minimum security standards for that,” Business Minister Grant Shapps told GB News.

Trade union council members said the bill was undemocratic and unworkable. by urging members of parliament to reject the bill

“If passed, this bill would prolong disputes and poison industrial ties. This will lead to more strikes,” said TUC general secretary Paul Novak.

The bill will not be debated on Tuesday. And it may take several months to become law. Opponents argued it was likely to be challenged in court and the opposition Labor Party said it would repeal the law if it came to power in a national election expected next year.


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