The reason why? Your business should have a CDO.

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The reason why? Your business should have a CDO.

For today’s business world Business information is at the heart of an organization. It is a method that can help prevent and is the main content used in analyzing common business goals. to focus on the work process Expanding capabilities and setting the stage for successful business growth

According to reference data, 47% of chief information officers’ data work is the most important. information to the organization

Chief Data Officer (CDO), also known as Chief Information Officer It works with the executive level (CEO) of the organization to formulate an information strategy for business operations. in order to plan for supervision Find methods for solving problems and collecting data for analysis. This is another position that is growing rapidly.

For the new generation of executives In starting a business Be aware of the importance of CDO is an important factor to grow. Develop and be able to expand business in the future Because of the past statistics For a 90% large businesses that focus on hiring CDOS, this is one of the business alarms that you must not neglect the use of data. Otherwise you may miss the opportunity. That is not far away and this is The reason why? Your business should have Chief Data Officer (CDO).

The reason that the company must use CDOS

Information that will help decide in various processes. To help in the planning of business operations Customer information is considered the heart of the organization. That will help your organization Can check the information to determine and create products to match the target audience Because of marketing information in business operations Is the part that will allow you to improve and change your products appropriately To build confidence and build the trust of consumers, CDO will help you get to know the information in depth correctly and precisely. You can decide like the new generation of executives who can do the best and fastest as well.

CDOs are for finding patterns and connections within data.

CDOs must understand the importance of pattern discovery and connectivity within data, that is, the importance of connecting processes. so that the organization can work properly and efficiently Not attached to the source source of information because if you get information from a variety of perspectives different styles as well as the current data connection that directly affects the business You can apply good quality strategic data modeling and data connections appropriately.

Information is valuable for investors.

The value of information for investors It’s like getting a great gift for investing in a business. Because with information as a weapon that investors Can be used to extend with protection Important information will help investors see concrete numbers. which will be a power base for further business operations With the support of CDO, it is a valuable channel and assistant that understands and interprets the data. to investors This is considered a worthwhile benefit in investing in the organization. Help the new management Can spend more time cost-effectively to focus and seek in financial planning Professional investment

Customer data is a good reflection.

customer reviews It might not be the most correct answer. But most businesses still stick to customer feedback instead of customer data. This shows a trend that reflects actual customer behavior, such as website usage. purchase history transaction frequency Website traffic, etc., because customer information is a good reflection of business.

for the premise that Companies need employees with sole responsibility and competence, which is to ensure that Data strategies will help you keep working and growing your business. This is another reason why companies decide to hire a quality CDO because of the following reasons:

1. Detailed understanding of tech stacks

Tech stacks are technologies that use the design of important and simple data structures that are basic storage structures, such as stacks, because most computer languages define row types. Pre-sequencing and sequencing like this make array operations easy and simple.

while finding someone who understands An in-depth look at how the tech stacks of the data platform work. Look for someone who understands how to seamlessly connect all the platforms needed to use them, because stack connections can happen in a variety of ways. But the best approach should be tailored to the size of your business.

2. Ability to think abstractly

Building or testing fundamentals is the key to solving business problems. For a good CDO, it’s important to understand more open business concepts and offer data methods that can be applied to data connections in the form. An individual’s data model is important. But it takes imagination to access and make more complex connections between data.

3. Communication skills are strengths.

Due to the complexity of data connections and the diversity of individuals interested in becoming a CDO, a good CDO requires clear communication that exemplifies negotiation and relationship building skills. Like the CDO’s management position is important. Because it is considered a skill of expertise in a unique style alone.

Therefore, a good CDO must be effective. to drive your organization Can spend more time acting on insights. Rather than doing puzzle searching, CDO will help your business to develop and grow by leaps and bounds.

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