The Facts: Digital Marketing Beats Traditional

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The Facts: Digital Marketing Beats Traditional

Digital marketing has many advantages over traditional methods of marketing, including better return on investment and more effective lead generation. Here are the facts about why digital marketing beats traditional methods so often.

85% of people use Google Search

This stat illustrates just how powerful Google’s organic SERPs are. Not only is organic traffic from search engines more valuable than any other form of digital marketing, but it’s also free! Take advantage of it by optimizing your website so that Google loves it and crawling it as much as possible. This will help you increase both your exposure and your brand authority in your industry or field. If you aren’t sure how to optimize for search engines, reach out to a digital marketing agency like ours. We can recommend everything from mobile-friendly site design to content creation and social media management services that will boost your online presence. You can even get help with Google AdWords and Facebook Ads if needed!

67% of shoppers start their product searches online

That’s over 2 billion shoppers worldwide and roughly $1 trillion in consumer sales. In short, your brand has to be online in order to reach its market. And as consumers become savvier and savvier, they rely more on reviews and third-party opinions to make their purchasing decisions. It’s time you take control of your company’s digital marketing strategy—and improve your brand reputation with reviews—before you lose out on potential customers to your competitors. The solution? Don’t hire a traditional marketing agency that won’t be able to provide you with all of these services; find a digital marketing agency instead!

Half of all potential customers research online before visiting a store

It’s true that, more often than not, someone researching online will end up in a brick-and-mortar store. But that doesn’t mean digital marketing isn’t important. In fact, with half of potential customers starting their search online—in Google, Facebook and even Instagram searches—your business needs to embrace digital marketing to be successful today. A digital marketing agency can help businesses find new customers using internet marketing company and other effective digital strategies to get your business seen where you want it seen.

People spend 92% more time on sites that they perceive as useful.

In one of Dan Zarrella’s recent studies, he looked at how much time people spent on various sites after being shown a screenshot of each site. The number one reason why people left a site? It wasn’t because I didn’t like it, but rather because I felt it was irrelevant to me. Meaning: If you don’t get straight to your point or otherwise make an impact on someone within seconds of them landing on your page, they’re going to be off looking for another digital marketing agency that’s more worthy of their time. You only have seconds to convince users that you’re worth their click. Make sure those few moments count by telling them exactly what you do and offering something valuable in exchange for their attention. For example, if you can help people increase sales, show examples of customers who are doing just that. Or if your digital marketing agency is particularly adept at search engine optimization (SEO), offer some statistics about rankings and traffic increases as proof points that others are seeing results from working with you. Try to address all three factors—relevance, usefulness and trustworthiness—and set yourself apart from other digital marketing agencies by showing visitors exactly what makes your company different than others in its space. For example, by including real client testimonials in images or videos (not just text). Not sure where to start?

93% of consumers are likely to leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load

Considering how fast consumers leave if a website isn’t working as it should, it’s amazing any businesses are still operating solely on traditional advertising. Today’s consumer is online 24/7, and they want what they want when they want it – information and products. They’re turning to search engines and online review sites to help them find what they need with ease. Businesses that rely on old school methods of marketing and advertising to stay afloat will not be around for much longer. It’s time to get up-to-date, or go out of business. Hiring an experienced digital marketing agency can help bring you into 2017 with seamless digital processes that don’t sacrifice your current bottom line or long term success for short term gains.

4 out of 5 smartphone users search for local information while in store

Mobile devices have changed our behaviors, habits and expectations. A recent survey found that almost 70% of people say they wouldn’t make a significant purchase without first checking their mobile device. If you aren’t leveraging digital marketing to drive store traffic and increase in-store conversion rates, you could be losing out on new customers. Digital marketing offers a multitude of benefits—not only is it more cost-effective than traditional tactics, but studies show mobile users are 94% more likely to convert if exposed to your message. If you are ready to take your business up a notch, reach out to an experienced digital marketing agency for help in getting started with a campaign today!

Google owns 90% market share in global mobile search advertising

It has long been thought that search was one of Google’s biggest strengths, but according to a report from eMarketer, 90% of all mobile searches in 2016 will be powered by Google. Most digital marketers agree that display advertising is on its way out and isn’t as effective for brand awareness as other channels, such as digital marketing agencies. It seems Google is aware of its dominance in both organic and paid search and plans to keep their foot on competitors’ throats. In 2015, there were 4.6 trillion global searches conducted; 1 trillion of those were done using a mobile device—and with organic reach shrinking for brands like Target and AT&T, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach consumers without paying for an ad space.

Digital marketing is also becoming cheaper.

Out of all forms of advertising, digital marketing has some of the lowest costs and highest ROI rates. Digital display advertising is especially cost-effective, providing business owners with a more cost-efficient way to advertise their products than traditional means such as print ads. But why exactly does digital marketing beat out its competitors? The answer lies in which platform best fits your target audience’s demographics and interests. For example, you may reach a younger audience through digital channels or higher income earners through traditional media. Let’s take a look at each channel to determine if it might be beneficial for your business’ next campaign

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