Tesla owners in China protest a price cut they surprisingly missed out on.


SHANGHAI: Hundreds of Tesla (TSLA.O) owners gathered at the automaker’s showroom and distribution center in China over the weekend. Claim a refund and credit after a sudden price drop. They said they overpaid for previously purchased electric cars.

On Saturday, about 200 buyers of the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 gathered at Tesla’s Shanghai delivery center to protest against the US automaker’s decision to cut prices for the second time in three months. on friday

Many said they believed the prices Tesla charged for its cars late last year would not drop as suddenly or drastically as the automaker’s announcement recently to boost sales and encourage a slowdown in sales. Made at a factory in Shanghai. The scheduled end of government subsidies by the end of 2022 has also prompted many to finalize their purchases.

Videos posted on social media showed crowds at Tesla stores and delivery centers in other cities. of China from Chengdu to Shenzhen This indicates a broader response from consumers.

After Friday’s surprise discount, Tesla’s EV price in China is now between 13% and 24% below September’s level.

analysts said Tesla’s move is likely to boost sales, which tumbled in December. and forcing other electric vehicle makers to lower prices as well at a time when demand is waning in the world’s largest battery-powered vehicle market.

While established automakers often cut prices to manage inventory and keep factories running when demand wanes, Tesla operates without dealers and transparent pricing is part of its brand image.

“It may be normal business practice. But this is not the way any responsible enterprise should act,” a Tesla owner protested at the company’s delivery center in the Shanghai suburb of Minhang on Saturday. who took his surname Zhang

He and other Tesla owners which said they had taken delivery of the car in the final month of 2022, said they were disappointed by Friday’s sudden price cut. and Tesla’s lack of explanation to its latest buyer.

Zhang said police facilitated a meeting between Tesla employees and the owners gathered. which the owner has submitted a list of claims including apologies and other compensation or credits He added that Tesla officials agreed to respond by Tuesday.

About a dozen police officers can be seen at the Shanghai protests. and most videos of other protests also revealed a large number of police at Tesla’s site.

Protests are not uncommon in China. which over the past several years People come out in large numbers about issues such as financial or property scams. But authorities are on the rise after widespread protests in cities. of China and leading universities at the end of the year November with COVID-19 restrictions


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