Sweden will send infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. This is part of the largest military aid to Kiev.

The Polish Army drives a Leopard tank during a live fire demonstration as part of the Bear 22 military exercise at the Nowa Deba training ground on September 21 in Nowa Deba, Poland.
The Polish Army drives a Leopard tank during a real-fire demonstration as part of the Bear 22 military exercise at the Nowa Deba training ground on September 21 in Nowa Deba, Poland. (Omar Marques/Getty Images)

Poland will be allowed to transfer German-made tanks to Ukraine “Otherwise we will do the right thing,” Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Thursday.

in general The transfer of the Leopard 2 battle tank will require permission from Berlin. Since these tanks were made in Germany

When asked about the delay in allowing Germany to transfer, Morawiecki said Poland offered Ukraine 14 tanks.

“At the same time We must ensure that others meet these needs as well. Among these others, the least aggressive were the Germans,” he said in a video interview on his way back from an international economic forum in Davos.

“We will keep trying. We will push the Chancellor’s Office and Germany to accept our proposal as soon as possible.”

The new defense minister: Moraviecki was also asked if he expected change after Boris Pistorius, who had called for sanctions relief on Russia to be eased. took over as Minister of Defense of Germany

“This worries me a lot. I don’t know much about Germany’s new defense minister. What I know worries me,” Moraviecki said.

But Pistorius should have been “A couple of days” to see what “his first step will be,” added Moraviecki.

We agreed that we would deliver the tanks together,” he said. “Consent was secondary. Either we get this consent or we do the right thing ourselves.”

“The most important thing is for the Germans, Danes, Finns, France and other nations to introduce modern tanks and heavy equipment as quickly as possible,” said Morawicki. “The ability to defend freedom in Ukraine And hence the security of Ukraine. The whole of Europe could depend on it.”

‘Encouraging and Inspiring Others’: Poland has already sent 250 tanks to Ukraine, Morawiecki told CNN’s Richard Quest on Wednesday alongside the meeting. International Economic Forum

“We were the first to offer the Leopard tank and now we are encouraging and inspiring others. especially the Germans get involved,” he said.

“Right now, Leopard tanks are our next round of support for Ukraine. The critical issue was whether the Germans would eventually surrender some of their heavy artillery to them. especially heavy and modern tanks,” Morawiecki said.

“And this is the main question, because 14 tanks over 250 is not a game changer. But if France and especially Germany and some other countries give them 20-30 tanks each, it can make a difference for Ukraine,” he added.

Some context: There is growing pressure on Western allies to supply Ukraine with heavy battle tanks.

France, Poland And the UK has promised to soon supply tanks to the Ukrainian army in its defense efforts against Russia. Finland is considering further action

Germany said it would transfer infantry fighting vehicles to Kiev. But the tanks had not yet been agreed. Prime Minister Olaf Scholz insisted that the plan must be fully coordinated with all Western allies. including the United States

Western allies are scheduled to meet tomorrow at the US Ramstein Air Base in Germany to discuss additional military aid for Kiev.

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