Naan Roti prices soar in Islamabad


Islamabad: Naan and roti prices soar in Islamabad Citing rising rates of starch, ARY News reported on Sunday.

according to the details The price of naan and different types of roti was increased by Rs.2 to Rs.10. Tandoori roti prices were fixed at Rs.20 as compared to the previous price of Rs.18.

With an increase of 5 rupees, the new price of tandoori naan is fixed at 25 rupees in the federal capital. Tandoori Kulcha will be sold at Rs 30 as compared to the previous price of Rs 25.

The rate list further states that the price of Roganinan has been increased by 10 rupees and the new price will be 50 rupees.

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meanwhile The flour crisis has intensified in Sukkur as the product is being sold at Rs 140 per kg on the open market.

According to details, the price of flour has skyrocketed in Sukkur, the price of flour in the open market has reached Rs 140 per kg.

Meanwhile, a 10 kg bag of flour is being sold for 1,1300 rupees in the local market. which sold for 900 rupees a few days earlier. The masses found it difficult and troubled to buy flour as their purchasing power was affected by record inflation.


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