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GOP leader Kevin McCarthy has outlined some of the demands he has agreed to. his campaign in a conference call on Sunday evening – including making it easy to overthrow the speaker. According to multiple GOP sources on the call But McCarthy could not say whether he would receive a vote as spokesman. Even after yielding to the most stubborn demands of the right.

Later Sunday evening, House Republicans unveiled their set of rules for the 118th session of Congress, setting out some of the terms that McCarthy had formally agreed to. The council only applies its set of rules after selecting speakers. which McCarthy did not lock down Therefore, further compromises may be made in the coming days.

In a “Dear Colleagues” Letter from the California Republican Party He submitted a request to speak and made further commitments. This includes ensuring that ideological groups are better represented on the board.

Shortly after Sunday’s call Nine extremists, who drafted their demands against McCarthy last month has submitted a new letter stating that some of the proposals he announced were inadequate. And it’s clear that they haven’t sold him yet. even if they says it’s in progress

“Until now, there has been no specific commitment regarding almost every element of our plea. Therefore, there is no way to measure whether the contract was kept or breached,” the member wrote in a letter obtained by CNN.

The group continues to push for a single lawmaker to have the power to demand a vote to overthrow the speaker. And they also want the promise that the leaders will not play in the primaries. above all Since McCarthy can only lose four votes in the House of Representatives, that means he still has a lot of work to do before Tuesday.

The California Republican Party told his members in a call on Sunday that after weeks of negotiations He has agreed to a minimum of five people to get a vote to evict a speaker at any given time. also known as “Motion to leave office” of the speaker, chair and pointed as “Compromise” CNN reported for the first time. Last week he supported that criterion.

Some sources, who feared the removal move would be used as a baton over McCarthy’s head, continued. the source said

Representative Dusty Johnson of South Dakota said he wasn’t satisfied with the minimum threshold McCarthy agreed to, although he stated he would swallow it. But if it helped McCarthy win the spokesman position, other members explicitly stated that the negotiated rules package would not be on the table if McCarthy’s critics ended up bidding for his spokesman position.

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart of Florida pressed McCarthy on whether surrendering the resignation motion would earn him 218 votes, but he did not respond directly. Although McCarthy has said before that people are “slowly” moving in the right direction.

However, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, one of the five who voted “no reject” for McCarthy, later said they would not support McCarthy despite all the demands.

Florida agent Carlos Gimenez then repeated Diaz-Balart’s question, asking McCarthy to answer it. According to sources, McCarthy’s response was that they had a few days to close the deal. and they need to close

New York-elect Mike Lawler asked Gaetz if he would back McCarthy. If he agrees to bring the motion to leave the criterion to a single lawmaker. That was before California Democratic spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi changed the rule. Gaetz responded that McCarthy refused to accept the idea. But if he made an offer now he will consider it

McCarthy said he disagreed with Gaetz’s characterization, arguing that the rest of the conference could not accommodate the low threshold of one person. “It’s not about me,” said the California Republican. However, he asked Gaetz if he could “yes” if McCarthy reached the lone threshold, which Gaetz has not yet committed to, and said if it was an offer, “it’s not about me.” He gladly accepted the offer.

The package released late Sunday included authorizing five Republicans to call for a vote to impeach the speaker. Restoring the ability to zero out civil servant salaries Give lawmakers 72 hours to read the bill before it hits the ground. and create a new selection to investigate “Use of weapons” by the Department of Justice and the FBI.

The regulations do not change the process for filing a claim. This allows lawmakers to evade leadership and force legislation to be passed if it has the support of 218 lawmakers.

Other featured items You may also be interested in: Rule Set Prohibiting Remote Investigations and Markup Eliminate employee union efforts and allows the Council Ethics Committee to accept ethical complaints from the public.

Although the package is being billed as final, GOP sources have warned that nothing is final until it passes.

After the council elects a speaker and is sworn in as a member Legislators vote on a set of rules that govern how the council works.

This story has been updated with additional developments.

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