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Luiz Inacio “Lula” Da Silva Was sworn in as Brazil’s new president on Sunday. which marked the beginning of his third term in office.

“I pledge to preserve, protect and abide by the Constitution. obey the law Promote the common good of the Brazilian people. support the unity, integrity and independence of Brazil,” said Lula da Silva.

The congressmen applauded Lula before exclaiming, “Ole Oola Lula Lula.”

The inauguration ceremony comes amid threats of violence from supporters of Silva’s ancestors. Jair Bolsonaro.

The 76-year-old politician, who returns to the presidency after a 12-year absence, arrives with his wife Rosângela da Silva at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Brasilia. before heading to the parliament where the parliament is formally convened

Afterward, the new president and the first lady will travel in an open-top motorcade to attend a military honor ceremony outside the presidential palace. He would then receive the presidential sash and make his first public address as Brazil’s new leader.

The Senate president opened the ceremony by paying homage to Pele and Pope Benedict with a minute’s silence.

during the ceremony Lula breaks the traditional conventions to tell a short story. about the pen he used to sign parliamentary documents

“In 1989 it was at a rally in Piaui. We then walked to San Benedict Church and a citizen gave me this pen and asked me to use it to sign up if I won the ’89 election. I didn’t win the election in ’89, didn’t win in ’94, didn’t win in ’98. I won in 2002, but when I got here, I forgot my pen and signed with a Senator’s pen. In 2006 I signed with a Senate’s pen. And now I found a pen And I do it in honor of the people of Pyo’i,” he said.

During Bolsonaro’s absence ceremony, which left Brazil for Florida on Friday and did not specify a date of return.

Visit to the US His stint ended with a meeting of Brazilian leaders who were leaving office. which participated in the swearing-in ceremony as the successor It comes as the Brazilian government issued a decree on Friday allowing five officials to accompany “future former president” Bolsonaro to Miami, Florida, between January 1 and 30, 2023.

Lula da Silva, pictured on October 30, 2022, was sworn in as Brazil's president on Sunday.

Hamilton Murau, former Vice President of Bolsonaro addressing the nation on national television this Saturday which is the last day of the government and criticizing the silent leaders “Atmosphere of Chaos”

“A leader who should build confidence and unite the country through projects for the country. Let that silence create an atmosphere of chaos and division in society,” Murau said, adding that the military had to pay the bill. since the election results Bolsonaro has made just three public appearances. and none of the speeches said he accepted the results of the election. It incites his extremist base to believe that election results can be reversed.

Lula da Silva won the sprint race on October 30, marking a dramatic return to left-wing power in Brazil after four years of Bolsonaro’s far-right administration.

He achieved a remarkable return to power after a series of corruption allegations that landed him in jail for 580 days.

He is now starting his third term after previously ruling Brazil for two consecutive terms from 2003 to 2010.

Protests led by Bolsonaro supporters have destabilized Brazil after the incumbent was defeated in October's election.

Violence has taken over the country, with Bolsonaro clearly yet to admit his electoral defeat. Although his administration says it is cooperating with the transition of power.

Security during Lula da Silva’s inauguration was intense as about 8,000 security personnel from various police forces mobilized on Sunday. As reported by the Federal District Security Department.

Earlier on Sunday A man was arrested by military police in Brasilia. After he was caught trying to enter the swearing-in celebration with a knife and fireworks officials said in a statement. The suspect traveled from Rio de Janeiro.

A judge of Brazil’s highest court on Wednesday ordered a four day ban to carry firearms in the capital until the end of Sunday as a precautionary measure.

Judge Alexander de Moraes wrote it would not apply to active duty members of the military, police and private security personnel.

Lula da Silva’s team requested a ban on firearms on launch day after police arrest a man for planting and possessing explosives at Brasilia International Airport.

The suspect, identified as 54-year-old gas station manager George Washington de Oliveira Sousa, was a supporter of Bolsonaro and told police in a statement seen by CNN that he intended to “Create chaos” to prevent Lula da Silva from taking over again.

Moraes’ ban took effect as thousands of Bolsonaro supporters gathered at military camps across the country to protest the election results. They asked the army to act on their claims without evidence that the election was stolen.

Bolsonaro condemned Sousa’s bombing attempt on Friday, saying there was “no justification” for “terrorist acts”.

“Brazil will not end on January 1st, you can be sure,” the current president said, referring to Lula da Silva’s inauguration day.

“Nowadays, we have more and more people who know more about politics,” he added. “They understand that they take risks, good wins. We have leaders all over Brazil. new politicians or elected politicians They will make a difference.”

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