LM launches new boat schedule Find the boat trip your fingertips.


Regular fans of LM are probably familiar with our updated boat schedule for every issue. New boat your fingertips  And today we have good news for exporters.


Product manufacturer shipping line logistics service provider And all NVOCC operators as we now offer a free online search service for boat schedule information via link. https://schedules.logistics-manager.com/ which is part of our Logistics Manager (LM) website.


This time is another revolution for us in Thailand. By adding channels for users to easily access this necessary information. Either through the printed edition of the LM magazine or online on both computer screens and mobile phones.


Our boat schedule is specially made for the Thai market and those who have business related to Thailand. In this issue, we would like to recommend to all readers and interested people how to use our boat schedule online.


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A New Age


Our boat schedule is designed under the concept of presenting information as ‘All in one page’, that is, we offer everything you need on one page. You can access our boat schedule via a link on the menu bar on the LM website.


Or you can start using our boat schedule right away via the link. https://schedules.logistics-manager.com


when it arrived in front of the boat schedule You can search for your desired sailing schedule from options: ‘Operator’, ‘Departure Port’, ‘Country of Destination’, ‘Destination Port’ and ‘Departure Date’.


for example If you want to find a boat going to Kobe Port, Japan Just select the port of destination Kobe from the list and the itinerary to Kobe in our database will be displayed.


You can then further narrow your search by specifying the departure port, carrier or departure date.


In case you are not sure which port to ship to. You may start your search from For example, if you select Japan, the ‘Destination Port’ box will display the name of the port within Japan. including boat information (VESSEL) and boat trips (VOY) as well


You can also search using other options such as ‘provider’, ‘port of departure’ or ‘departure date’, or you can search using multiple options for more tailored results.


If you want to start a new search You can press Clear All to start over immediately. Initially, search results are sorted by ‘Departure date’, but you can change the display order. Sort by other options from the list in the box. ‘Sort by’ at the top right corner of the screen.


When you find a boat trip that interests you. Just press the ‘Contact’ button and the message box below will appear.


You enter your information in the form and press SUBMIT. Your information will then be sent to the shipping line or freight forwarder. for a representative from the service provider to contact you back for more information You can consult the FAQ below or contact us directly at [email protected]


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