Live Updates: Video of Tyre Nichols’ Arrest and Memphis Police News

Ty Nichols
Ty Nichols (given by Ben Krump)

Ty Nichols A father, a man who loves his mother. and a free-spirited man looking for a new life in Memphis, Tennessee, said Beloved.

That life was tragically cut short earlier this month after violent arrest by 5 officers with Memphis Police

Now when the attention turns expenses For the officials involved, Nichols’ family wanted the world to know who he was.

The 29-year-old boy is the baby in his family. The youngest of four children, his mother Rowvaughn Wells said he was a “good boy” who spent Sundays doing laundry and preparing for the week.

Above all, Nichols loves being a father and loves his son. his family said

“Everything he tried to do was to make himself better as a father to a four-year-old son,” attorney Ben Krump said in a family news release.

Nichols is a man who makes everyone happy.

“When he entered through the door He wants to hug you.” Crump saidspeaking on behalf of the Nichols family

(From Austin Dean)
(From Austin Dean)

Nichols’ everyday life is mundane at times. while he works and spends time with his family But he also makes time for things that interest him. said his mother

Nichols is working a second shift at FedEx, where he has been working for about nine months, she said.

He came home during breaks to dine with his mother, who would cook dinner for him.

Nichols likes Mom’s homemade chicken made with sesame seeds. Just the way he likes it, Wells said.

When he’s not working, Nichols goes to Shelby Farms Park to skateboard. Which is what he’s been doing since he was 6. He wakes up on Saturdays to go skating. Or sometimes go to the park to watch the sunset and take photos. said his mother

“My son wants to go see the sunset every night. That was his passion,” she said.

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