Live Updates: Tyre Nichols Arrest Video To Be Released By City Of Memphis

Ty Nichols.
Ty Nichols. (Courtesy Ben Crump and the Nichols family)

It’s been nearly three weeks since a traffic jam in Memphis led to a violent arrest, and three days later a 29-year-old black driver died.

Tyre Nichols was hospitalized after his stay. withdrew on 7 JanuaryThe police said 5 Memphis police officers who were also black. Fired after an internal investigation and fired. face criminal chargesincluding second-degree murder charges

Important questions remain unanswered as the country grows vigilant. How do police treat people of color?especially after Massive protests in 2020 – wait The police prepare to release the clip. Of the incident, a video will be released after 6 p.m. CT on Friday, officials said.

this What we know – and don’t yet know About Nichols’ death:

Police “Confrontation”: On January 7 at approximately 8:30 p.m. Memphis staff pulled a car. for reckless driving suspects According to a statement from the Memphis Police

“A confrontation ensued” between the officer and the driver, later identified as Nichols, who then fled on foot. According to Memphis Police, Officers arrested him and “Another confrontation ensued,” resulting in Nichols’ arrest, police said.

It’s unclear what his driving might have looked like recklessly, the distance Nichols escaped on foot. those involved in their first encounter with the police How did the authorities arrest him? How long did these “encounters” last? Why did the officer feel the need to confront Nichols twice, and where did this happen?

At a news conference on Thursday, Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy said there was “Time elapsed” in seeking medical help for Nichols. When he was injured during a Memphis police stop.

Nichols Death: On January 10th, three days after the holiday The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced that Nichols had died of injuries from “Incidents of use of force against authorities,” according to the statement.

Nichols suffered from “Bleeding profusely from severe beatings,” according to the preliminary autopsy results provided by his family’s attorney.

CNN has requested a copy of Crump. autopsy by familyBut he said the full report was not yet ready. Officials have yet to release an autopsy of Nichols.

Who is Ty Nichols? Nichols is the child of the family. He was the youngest of four children and himself. love father His family spoke to his son.

He was a “good kid” who spent Sundays doing laundry and preparing for the week. Rowvaughn Wells said..

Nichols moved to Memphis before the COVID-19 pandemic. and was stuck there when things shut down, his mother said.

When he’s not working his second shift at FedEx, Nichols enjoys taking pictures and skateboarding. which is what he has been doing since the age of 6

Nichols has Crohn’s disease, a digestive problem. And weighs only 140 to 145 pounds, despite his height of 6’3″, his mom said.

What the police said since the incident: On January 18, the Ministry of Justice said a civil rights investigation was revealed in Nichols’ death. Memphis Police Chief condemn action of the relevant officials

“This is not just a failed professional. This is a fundamental humanitarian failure against another person,” Chief Cerelyn Davis said in a YouTube video Wednesday, her first comment on camera about the arrest prior to Nichols’ death.

Families and lawyers have seen footage of the event: The family’s attorney watched the video on Monday and Described as “evil” Nichols was drugged, pepper sprayed and detained, Benjamin Crump said, and compared it to the beating Rodney. Los Angeles Police Department King in 1991. Krump described the video as “shocking,” “tragic,” and “evil.”

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