Live updates: Russia’s war in Ukraine; News of the death of Ukrainian Interior Minister


The West has reached the crossroads of its latest destiny. Ukraine.

The decision appeared in depth support for Kiev’s struggle against President Vladimir’s attack. Russia’s Putin It was even more criticized because of the winter battlefield, which was more dynamic than expected, until it was cornered.

Time is rapidly falling for the US. and partners to send more powerful weapon and training Ukrainian soldiers in how to use them before the second year of war This could be a decisive year. in which Russia may launch a fierce new offensive

The heartbreaking humanitarian costs of the conflict and the justification for Western aid are revealed by the horrors of a Russian cruise missile strike on a nine-story apartment block in Dnipro. central ukraine which kills people 45 people including 6 childrenThe tragedy underscores the depravity of war that did not happen. and once again called on Putin to face war crimes charges. It also underlines that any hopes for war settlement talks are farther than ever. The fact seems to have injected new determination and unity into the Western Allies at a time of crisis.

Allies are now delivering tanks and armored vehicles to Ukraine. Many parties are joining the United States. in delivering anti-missile Patriot missiles a step that could have been limited early in the war to avoid further Putin provocations.

Ukraine, which is in a desperate state will always want more And while the forthcoming choice of the West will be based on self-interest assessments, the context of Ukrainian pain and courage It’s impossible to ignore.

“We are facing the collapse of the world as we know it. In a way that we are familiar with or that we desire,” Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska said at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday. In the midst of the latest shock and the timely intervention of Ukrainian experts’ messaging attempts.

The questions facing Westerners right now are serious. But it’s also a familiar subject.

How far should NATO go in providing more massive and sophisticated attack weapons to an increasingly desperate Ukraine? What is Russia’s red line before Western action can fuel a massive escalation? Perhaps including the use of nuclear weapons on a battlefield that could open up a horrific new era of war and the risk of a fire between Russia and Russia? United States and Russia

Then there’s the question of how long the political support of Western special efforts to save Ukraine will last in the United States and Europe. Even if the mild continental winter undermines Putin’s attempts at war of energy against the civilian population.

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