Live updates: Russia’s war in Ukraine


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Jack Reed and committee member Sen. Angus King in Kyiv on Friday.

During the meeting, Zelensky said he viewed Russia’s proposal for a 36-hour “cease-fire” as “managed by the aggressors trying to conceal their true military plans and intentions.”

After the meeting, in a briefing to reporters, Reed said he told Zelensky that his sacrifice and that of his country had inspired the world and “They’re fighting for all of us.”

President Joe Biden’s announcement of additional military support, such as the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, he said. will make the Ukrainian Armed Forces “Have the ability to break through the front lines. take advantage of that advancement and continue We hope to expel Russia from Ukrainian territory.”

Asked by CNN’s Scott McLean if it delivered. Bradley’s Battleship Will open the door for the US to send M-1 Abrams tanks, Reed said there is no connection.

He said he was always concerned about the U.S. arsenal of weapons and equipment, and that would lead the Pentagon to decide what to send. to answer questions from CNN

King said they had It was an “unusual day” in Kiev as he spoke of the “courage, determination… and patience” of the Ukrainian people.

He said they came to visit because “This is a fight for us. for the whole world for the values ​​of freedom and democracy – and that is why this pledge is necessary.”

“History says that dictators always open doors. and if they find an open door they will continue If anyone wonders why this fight is necessary All they have to do is look back to 1938 and Sudetenland, 1936 and the Rhineland when World War II could have been prevented with the resistance happening here today,” King added.

Ask what else is there in the United States. will send Ukraine to end the war this year King said America would continue to support Ukraine. And after meeting officials in Kiev, they “walked out with a list of names.”

Reed said he had received He was “inspired” to “accelerate the assistance Ukraine needs to end this fighting.”

He said the United States has made great promises and is expected to make more announcements soon Patriot Defense Missile System was shipped to Ukraine “It will start soon,” but the duration of the training is categorized.

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