Live updates: Russia’s war in Ukraine


the West’s decision to finally sent the tank Ukraine has caused ask uncomfortable questions: Does this mean that NATO is now in direct conflict with Russia?

This tale, which was under great pressure from the Kremlin, Help President Vladimir Russia’s Putin and his allies undoubtedly turn away from the fact that Moscow. Launched an attack on Ukraine without provocation. and illegally occupy parts of the sovereign state

It may also be more convenient for Putin. It gives NATO allies pause when it comes to decisive decisions. How much is military assistance? They should give Ukraine

First things first: The consensus among experts is that no NATO member comes close to the internationally accepted legal definition of “at war” with Russia, so the idea that an ally as a whole is at war with Russia is not a start.

“War requires an attack by US forces. or NATO in uniform Attacks from NATO territories against Russian forces Russian land or the Russian people,” explains William Alberque of the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

“Any fighting in Ukraine uses any conventional weapon. against any Russian forces It will not be a US/NATO war with Ukraine. No matter how much Russia wants to claim that,” he added.

Moscow tactic: That hasn’t prevented the Kremlin from taking advantage of some of the gray areas that exist in modern warfare to falsely claim that NATO is the chief aggressor in the conflict.

Those gray areas could include using western intelligence to carry out attacks. in the Russian target

They can also claim The US’s “war on terror” and the use of Article 5 of NATO after the 9/11 attacks in which America was attacked by terrorists rather than nation-states. which is a dubious parallel

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev claimed the West was trying to “destroy” Russia. Anatoly Antonov, the Russian ambassador to the United States, said the US administration was pushing Ukraine to do it. “Perform terrorist attacks in Russia”

Additional context: Whatever little merit there may be to these insulting claims. They looked haggard in comparison. record cruelty and unlawful acts of Russian forces in Ukraine since Putin ordered the invasion

But the fact that they exist and is being taken seriously by analysts and commenter outside Russia including in Washington, D.C.Play is in the hands of the Kremlin in more than one way.

Read on for McGee’s full analysis. here.

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