Live updates: Russia’s war in Ukraine


Russian state media Rossiya-24 on Wednesday mocked Western modern tanks as “bitch” and “destroyed” after Germany and the United States. Green Light to Deliver Advanced Combat Vehicles to Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s announcement that he would ship Leopard 2 tanks was coupled with a pledge from US President Joe Biden that he would supply Ukraine with 31 M1 Abrams tanks. This puts aside the long-standing concern of the allies to supply armored attack vehicles to Kyiv and release powerful new vehicles. instrument in Ukraine’s efforts to recapture territories held by Russia.

The story aired on the Russian channel overlooked the importance of Western modern tanks. Including sections titled “Toothless cats” and “Battered Abrams,” a mockery of US- and German-made armored vehicles.

The presenter explains that German tanks are “Traditional”, heavier and less powerful compared to the Russian T-90. In the “Destroyed Abrams” section, images of the Abrams tanks attacked in battle are shown and blueprints of the vehicle. tank shows its “weak point”

Important context: While the state media has made claims about the superiority of Russian combat tanks. Hundreds are thought to have been destroyed since Moscow launched an offensive in Ukraine. Experts say that design flaws cause problems for almost all armored vehicles used by Russia in Ukraine.

Biden a day ago called Abrams “The most capable tank in the world”, while noting that the Ukrainian troops will be trained to operate “extremely sophisticated” armored vehicles.

Previous military assistance, such as the US HIMARS rocket system important In aiding Ukraine, it thwarted Russia’s advances and made several successful counterattacks in recent months. Kiev hopes that Western tanks will have the same impact on land warfare in eastern Ukraine.

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