Live updates: Russia’s war in Ukraine

A Spanish Army Leopard 2 tank fires during the final stages of a military exercise in Latvia on September 29, 2022.
A Spanish Army Leopard 2 tank fires during the final stages of a military exercise in Latvia on September 29, 2022. (Ints Kalnins/Reuters/FILE_

Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Andriy Melnyk expressed disappointment that Germany was undecided Whether to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

On Friday, Melnyk told CNN’s Isa Soares that Germany’s indecisiveness was a He said he was “disappointed” after initially applauding Britain for moving forward with the Challenger 2 tank promise, and he hoped the move might lead other countries to follow suit.

United Kingdom is “The first country to deliver the Challenger 2 main battle tank, and that could be a catalyst. Hopefully for other countries, but unfortunately Germany isn’t.” “A huge disappointment for all Ukrainians.”

So far, Germany has failed to reach an agreement with its major western allies. Delivery of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, despite increasing pressure from NATO and Kyiv to increase military aid ahead of a potential Russian attack in the spring.

Germany’s new Defense Minister Boris Pistorius told reporters on the sidelines of a defense conference at Ramstein Air Base in Germany on Friday. No decision has yet been made on sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

Melnyk, for his part, expressed Ukraine’s disappointment at Germany’s announcement. While hoping Germany weighs Ukraine’s concerns And can also decide to send Leopard tanks.

“The German government has not made this important decision. Not only would it allow other countries like Poland, Finland, or Spain or Greece, which had German battle tanks to do the same first. but also strengthen and build on this. which we call ‘Global Tank Coalition’ to help Ukrainian forces repel Russia and launch counterattack This will allow us to liberate the occupied territories,” he said.

“We are disappointed, but no decision has been made yet. So we hope that the government in Berlin will take all the concerns they hear seriously. (on Friday) in Ramstein,” added Melnik.

“After 331 days of the terrible war Russia fought against Ukraine, They continue to keep stocks of (the) Bundeswehr (Germany’s Armed Forces) and in industry to check if they have. Ship to Ukraine! What nonsense.”

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