Live updates: Russia’s war in Ukraine


The British government decided to send heavy weapons to Ukraine, including tanks, because the country needed President Vladimir. Russia’s Putin “A really clear message” about international support for Kiev, British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said on Tuesday.

Wisely speaking, Putin should have understood that England was going to have “Strategic patience to hold on” to Ukraine until “The work will be done,” he said, with support being constantly reevaluated by Ukraine’s allies. And it evolved throughout the war, noting that “last year we weren’t talking about tanks. And we’re not talking about heavy artillery.”

“Right now, what we know they need is the ability to push hard. both East and South,” Cleverly said in a conversation with CNN’s Kylie Atwood at The Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

Wisely, it does not preclude future military support, but insists that “our support has evolved and will inevitably continue to evolve.”

“The message we sent to Putin was straightforward. Anyone interested will keep an eye on it. We are committed to supporting the Ukrainian people until they are victorious,” Cleverly said.

“This is what they need to get the job done. This is what we are going to provide. And we will provide them with modern heavy equipment and ammunition to enable them to defend themselves properly,” he said.

“What Putin should understand is that We will have the strategic fortitude to be with them until the job is done. And the best he can do to save his own soldier’s life is to realize that we must hold on. with the Ukrainians until they are victorious. and bring that war to a conclusion and to the negotiating table in good faith It’s not the kind of action he’s been doing until now.” Leaders save lives and money.

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