Live updates: Russia’s war in Ukraine


Ukrainian officials claim that an attack on Russian positions near the city of Soledar in eastern Ukraine killed 100 enemy soldiers.

In a statement released Thursday The Ukrainian Army’s Special Operations Forces said it had detected an “enemy concentration” and used Soviet-designed artillery and missile systems to carry out the attack.

“As a result of these multiple attacks, It confirmed the destruction of more than 100 occupants, two machine gun crews and two mortar crews,” the Ukrainian army said. with praise for the work of “Special Forces fighters, artillerymen, and rocket launchers.”

CNN cannot independently verify the claims. And Kiev did not show any evidence. about such attacks

in the past few weeks Ukraine claimed several attacks. which states that a large number of Russian soldiers have been killed

Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said About 500 Russian soldiers were killed or wounded in the attack near Chulakivka. in the Kherson region in southern Ukraine on new year’s eve

CNN was unable to independently verify that Ukraine and Moscow’s claims were not publicly commented.

However, both Ukraine and Russia accepted a strike that took place after midnight on New Year’s Day at a vocational school housing Russian recruits in Makivka. eastern ukraine

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that 89 Russian soldiers were killed in the attack. While the Ukrainian army reports higher figures. Initially, about 400 Russian soldiers were killed.

CNN could not independently verify either party’s reports of deaths. But that attack appeared to be one of the most controversial for Moscow’s forces.

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