Live Updates: House Republicans via Rules Package

McCarthy speaks to the media at the US Capitol in Washington, DC on Monday, Jan. 9. (Graeme Sloan/Sipa USA/AP)

Spokesman Kevin McCarthy and his allies scramble to ensure they have enough support for the rule set on Monday. After GOP leaders bowed to extremists for the hammer last week, That disappointed some moderate Republicans.

With few mistakes – and the vote being seen as McCarthy’s first test of whether he can govern – the GOP leader leaves little to no chance.

this important to know About today’s vote:

Final votes: The rule passed by a 220-213 primaries majority, with Republican Representative Tony Gonzales of Texas joining all Democrats on the ballot. oppose this measure

Efforts to get support: GOP leaders lobbied disgruntled Republicans such as South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace. who boarded the plane on Monday after saying she had been “on the fence” the day before.

After Republican foreign policy news hawks protested the possibility of cuts in defense spending as a result of McCarthy’s deal with extremists, McCarthy’s allies also went on the air trying to clarify what was and wasn’t in the rule set. especially in relation to defense spending.

The turmoil over House rules underscores the burden McCarthy faces as leader of a four-member Republican House of Commons. That gives small groups of members on both sides of the Republican political spectrum too much influence to stand in legislation.

Concerns about concessions: Tensions are running high at the House GOP meeting as lawmakers still do not know the full extent of the promise McCarthy made to his governor, which was not made public in the House Rules package.

“Working in a vacuum isn’t great,” one member told CNN. “We’re loyal and it’s a slap in the face.” Another member said. “The devil lies in the details we don’t know.”

McCarthy would not say Monday whether he would disclose details of a side deal he cut to be a speaker that upset the moderators at his meeting. Many details such as increasing the debt ceiling and reducing expenses and ensuring Freedom Caucus members have more seats on major committees have yet to be released.

To overturn last week’s 20 GOP suspension, McCarthy agree a number of concessionsThis includes returning council rules to allow one member to vote to oust the speaker. Republicans in California agreed to expand the mandate of a new selection committee investigating. Federal “use of weapons” to consolidate the investigation “Ongoing Criminal Investigations” set up a showdown with the Biden administration and law enforcement regarding their criminal investigation. especially To former President Donald Trump

Another important vote on Monday: The House also voted to pass a bill to return $80 billion in funding to Internal Revenue Service employees included in the Inflation Reduction Act. This is the massive social spending bill that Democrats passed in the last Congress. The bill passed a strict 221-210 party line vote. It now goes to the democratically controlled Senate, where it will not be brought up.

What to expect next: House Majority Leader Steve Scalise has set the agenda for the remainder of the first week. It includes planning to push for bills on taxes, abortion and energy while forming two elected committees, one focused on China and the other on the Justice Department and the FBI.