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Kevin McCarthy, center left, arrives in the House of Commons on Friday.
Kevin McCarthy, center left, arrives in the House of Commons on Friday. (Alex Brandon/AP)

Representative Kevin McCarthy Didn’t give up on his bid for Speaker of the House — he was nominated for the 12th round vote by Rep. Mike Garcia.

“In fact This has nothing to do with Kevin McCarthy,” he said, instead pointing to other national issues that MPs need to address.

“What happened before us was enormous,” he said, adding that the council needed someone to serve the country. “The intention is pure and unselfish. Just as our Founding Fathers did.”

“Victory starts with letting this body do its job,” says Garcia. He added that the way a nation wins is by working together. “It starts today”

Negotiators are working to try to get a deal. They hope to get 20 Republican legislators opposed to McCarthy to help him get elected.

Some of McCarthy’s allies have expressed optimism about the talks. It said they were “progressive” and that McCarthy might get some of the votes today. His path as a speaker is uncertain.

Rep. Matt Gaetz was nominated again. Representative Jim Jordan for being a speaker

“We don’t trust Mr. McCarthy in authority. because we know who he will use this power for. And we worry that power will not come to the American people. We trust Jim Jordan,” he said.

McCarthy’s staff advised members to leave while Gaetz was speaking.

and representative Lauren Boebert nominated Representative Kevin HearnShe said she believed Hearn could unite the Republican coalition.

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