LIVE UPDATE: Monterey Park shooting kills at least 10


The mass shooting that left at least 10 dead took place at a dance floor in Monterey Park, California, according to County Sheriff’s Department Captain Andrew Meyer. Los Angeles

CNN spoke to people at the scene, and CNN reporter Camila Bernal reported: “I spoke to a witness at the scene who told me this was a popular dance club. People often come here on weekends. We also know that they are celebrating Chinese New Year, so while these celebrations are taking place, These images became louder.”

When asked if there were other locations Meyer said police were aware of another incident in Alhambra. California which is near Monterey Park They are investigating whether it is linked to the mass shooting in Monterey Park.

This is where Monterey Park in California is located.

Monterey Park, California
Monterey Park, California (Mapbox)
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