LIVE UPDATE: Half Moon Bay, California shooting suspect identified


The gunman in the shooting causing a total of seven deaths More than two in Half Moon Bay, California live where four victims were killed. said a company spokesperson.

A spokesman for David Oates told CNN that the site, formerly known as Mountain Mushroom Farm, was acquired by a company called California Terra Garden in March 2022.

There are three mobile homes and six trailers for staff at the property, and suspected hitman Chunli Zhao has lived there since then, the spokesman said.

Zhao started working at the farm before Terra Garden was acquired and is one of about 35 employees, Oates said.

“Everyone was background checked. And nothing suggests this is even possible,” he said.

This farm grows mushrooms and “Other food-grade herbs like basil, oregano, stuff like that… Most mushrooms are sold both retail and wholesale,” Oates said.

The rancher is bringing in grief counselors for all employees, Oates said. “Their goal now is to try and get everyone together to start the long healing process. They look at team members more like family,” he said.

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