K-Electric updates the problem of power outages.


K-Electric said on Monday that its team is “energetic” and “directly supervising” recovery efforts across Karachi. The team is also in touch with relevant authorities to re-establish the link between Karachi and the National Grid. This will accelerate the recovery of the energy supply to the affected area.

According to reports, a fault in the National Grid caused a sudden drop in system frequency at about 7:34 a.m. on January 23, 2023, causing a series of blackouts across the country. Affecting power supply to several cities including Karachi. Fortunately, our system’s defense mechanisms can prevent damage to our infrastructure.

Progress across the country and KE is proceeding cautiously, paying attention to the stability of network frequencies. Strategic installations such as the airport, Karachi port and hospital are being restored first. Some areas have been restored.

Power supply to most of the city’s residential and commercial areas is expected to resume within the next 3 to 4 hours. It is with a reliable supply from the National Grid that could take a few more hours. KE is doing its best to ensure supply is stable in order to boost the economy as quickly as possible. We apologize to customers for the inconvenience.

About K-Electric

K-Electric (KE) is a public company registered in Pakistan in 1913 as KESC, privately owned in 2005. KE is the only vertically integrated utility in Pakistan that supplies electricity within a territory of 6,500 sq km. Including Karachi and its vicinity, the majority (66.4%) of PSX’s listed companies are held by investor consortium KES Power, which includes Saudi Arabia’s Aljomaih Power Limited, National Industries Group (Holding), Kuwait and Infrastructure and Growth Capital. Fund (IGCF) ). The Government of Pakistan is also a minority shareholder (24.36%) in the company.


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