January 14, 2023 Russian-Ukrainian News


CNN movies “Navalnee” according to Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalnywho is poison In August 2020 with nerve agents during a flight to Moscow.

The film paints a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin, one of his harshest critics. and leads viewers on a heartbreaking search for answers after his poisoning.

When and where to watch

Navalnyairs on CNN on Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET. You can still watch it now. CNN Go and HBO Max.

Who is Navalnee?

Navalny is Russia leader of the opposition Kremlin critic and activist He organized prominent street protests and exposed corruption in the Russian government on social media.

at the beginning of the year Navalny was sentenced to nine years in prison for fraud. which he said was politically motivated

Where is Navalny now?

Navalny was moved into solitary confinement, according to a tweet from himself and his staff in what he describes It’s a move designed to “shut me off.”

Even while in prison, his Instagram and Twitter accounts continued to attack Putin. “He sent hundreds of notes and we typed them,” Navalny’s chief investigator Maria Pevchikh said.

according to the report of the political team His challenge pits him against the Russian dictator in a race against time. The question, according to Pevchikh, is whether he can outlast Putin and the war in Ukraine – and to that point. A verdict has yet to come out. “So far, calm down, they’re not trying to kill him anymore,” she told CNN.

poor health

Navalny’s daughter Dasha Navalnayawho is studying at Stanford University in California told CNN that Her father is being excluded from the system for harsh treatment.

Prison officials were repeatedly escorting him in and out of solitary confinement, she said. and take him out for a day” to try to destroy him, she said. “People weren’t allowed to contact him. And this kind of loneliness is pure psychological torture.”

His wife, Yulia, said she received a letter from Navalny on Wednesday. also expressed concern about his health. She said he had been sick for more than a week. and he was not treated and was forced to leave his hospital bed during the day.

At least 531 Russian doctors as of Wednesday signed an open letter to Putin urging Navalny to receive the necessary medical assistance. According to a Facebook post where the letter was published,

Defiant Navalny opposes Putin's war in Ukraine from prison.  His team fears for safety | CNN
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