Indonesia lifts remaining COVID restrictions


last friday Indonesia has canceled all remaining measures to curb the spread of COVID-19. with immediate effect This is because most of the country’s population already has antibodies to the disease, President Joko Widodo said.

“There will be no further restrictions on gatherings and movements,” the president said at a news conference. and said the decision was based on the latest number of infected people

before the announcement Most movement restrictions have been lifted for recipients of at least one booster vaccination, but authorities still require wearing a mask indoors and using a COVID tracking app when entering most public spaces.

Jokowi, known as the President Urges Indonesians to remain vigilant against virus Including wearing a mask indoors and when in crowds.

At one point Indonesia had the highest infection rate in Asia. But daily cases dropped to below 1,000 a day at most in recent weeks. The number of hospital patients and deaths are relatively low.

The fourth most populous country in the world has a cumulative total of over 6.7 million cases and 160,583 deaths.

Nearly 75% of Indonesians aged over six, or 174.7 million, received two doses of the vaccine and about 68.5 million received at least one booster shot, according to the health ministry.


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