How to Properly Ship Fragile Items for Your eCommerce Business

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How to Properly Ship Fragile Items for Your eCommerce Business

If you’re shipping fragile or perishable items through your ecommerce business, it’s important to take extra precautions to protect the items from damage or loss during the transit process. Here are four tips to properly ship fragile items to ensure their safety and your customer satisfaction. If you have any other tips you’d like to share, please leave them in the comments below!

Know The Different Types of Fragile Items

If you’re in an ecommerce business, fragile items are a very real concern. This is because breaking or damaging items will lead to complaints, or worse—refunds. Here are some common types of fragile items and how you should handle them: Ceramics: There is no way to transport a ceramic item without serious protection. You should always go with a custom-built crate/box that will fit your item perfectly. Bulky Knickknacks: Bulky knickknacks can be tough to ship due to their size and shape.

Identify The Right Shipping Supplier

If you are an ecommerce business that sells high-end jewelry, crystal ware, or any other fine products, finding a reputable shipping supplier is critical. Even though these types of goods can be packaged and shipped with care, there’s still a chance something could go wrong in transit. If it does, you don’t want your business reputation and finances to suffer as a result of fragile product mishandling. Make sure you research potential suppliers thoroughly so you know exactly who will be handling your packages. When considering all aspects of a potential partner’s operation—from staff experience to record-keeping protocols—make sure their operations match up with your standards.

Take A Picture Before You Start Packing

Ecommerce retailers have some unique challenges when it comes to shipping fragile items. Because a box can break or an item can get damaged at any point in its journey from production facilities, many are finding it difficult to ensure their shipments are handled correctly. Even worse, they often discover that too much damage has been done during transit when they receive a claim months later. As ecommerce businesses do not want their customers returning broken goods and sending back products without problems on arrival, it is important to ship items properly from your side as well! For example with using materials like Foam Pallets or Cross Stack Injection (XSI) packaging which will help cushion and protect your products during transport. This way you can avoid costly returns, re-shipping costs and negative reviews. To learn more about how to handle fragile items shipping in your ecommerce business check out our infographic below

Use Bubble Wrap & Foam Beads

Bubble wrap and foam beads are a must-have for sending all fragile items. Not only will they protect your shipment from other packages, but they’ll keep it safe if it gets bumped around or dropped in transit. Bubble wrap is affordable and easy to cut with a pair of scissors, making it ideal for wrapping breakable items like china, glassware, and dishes. Foam beads also help absorb shock and can be used in places where bubble wrap won’t fit—for example, between delicate figurines or along each side of vases. Both come in multiple sizes so you can choose how much protection you need based on what you’re shipping and its fragility level.

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