How to increase your rating on Spotify

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How to increase your rating on Spotify

You want to enter the world of Musical and you think you have what it takes to succeed. Maybe you’re making a new song and dream of having the largest number of users. You’re still good at podcasting, and you think you’re a no-brainer for the many professionals you follow. To do this, you use Spotify sometimes, you believe it is the best streaming service to get noticed, and you want to know how it works to get the most out of and promote your work.

If so, let me give you some advice to try to climb the ranks and have the experts in the field take notice. Maybe why not even by the record company? In detail let me explain. How to boost Spotify rankings and make sure your music and creations in general aren’t confined to any corner of the web. But it attracts as many users as possible. Excuse me? You think it’s impossible? Not easy but somehow you have to start if you really believe in your talent.

However, Spotify is just one of the many services you can use to advertise your music and podcasts, so if you manage to stop at the first hurdle, if you can consistently work with your images and create a new look. Step by step without immediately expecting the impossible, you will see that the result will come. Now relax and follow these tips. Obviously I can’t guarantee anything. But you will increase your chances of success on Spotify and expand your skills on this platform to a minimum!


Free Spotify Rankings

How to access Spotify playlists

Contacting Spotify Playlist Editors

How to increase followers on Spotify

Should not increase the Spotify rating

Increase Spotify’s Payment Rating


Free Spotify Rankings.

There are many ways to increase your score on Spotify for free, but you think that like any other goal, it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve it. On the other hand, to get minimum hits, you have to plan each step, being careful not to make common mistakes. (Which I’ll talk about later) and is almost seen as impossible to achieve the intended objective with the click of a finger.

Don’t think I mean that the road is easy or worse, the world is waiting for you. Always ask yourself, learn from your mistakes. (Which will be a lot, especially if you’ve never promoted your work on digital streaming services before.) Then you’ll see what motivation and talent will take you so far. But now let’s talk and try to understand. How to get people to see on Spotify.


How to access Spotify playlists.

Anyone who has used it as an artist and content creator knows that Playlist I am a gold mine so I’ll start by explaining it to you. How to access Spotify playlists.

There are generally two types of playlists, the first type is the official playlist created by the file. Spotify’s curator, that is, by its users, is more active than anyone else in finding and creating content, and by those the company recognizes as a benchmark. (we can compare with Instagram influencers); On the other hand, playlists edited by standard user And no, you shouldn’t underestimate them because, as I think you’d imagine, at least at first it’s much easier to put your songs in a playlist than the first.

There are many types of playlists and it depends mainly on the curator’s musical tastes, in fact, he can only offer pieces that are a single genre of music. You can create a playlist that takes into account all the hits over time. You can also add songs based on topics that you particularly like. (Love and human relationships, social inequality, sports, yoga, etc.) These are elements that should not be overlooked when promoting your music. I’ll tell you why.

First of all, if you’re new to Spotify, you can’t think of going to the official playlist. But you will have to start from private users. Second, it’s clear that you’ll have to try to enter the right playlist for your song, for example, if you find a playlist where the proposed song is just pop, that’s not the case to offer your piece. Trap? The curators won’t care at all, and even if you have to somehow manage to get the results, they won’t change much: the playlist has a well-defined goal, so at that point no one will hear your piece.

This applies to both music-specific playlists and where the curator decides to add music, podcasts, it’s important to know the market you want to reach with your content.

How to find playlists on Spotify.

Excuse me? You don’t know. How to find playlists on Spotify? It’s a very easy operation. All you have to do, in fact, is to use the Search in de Start function. If you’re using a computer, click the Search in item located at the top left. If you’re using a smartphone or tablet, tap the same item, in which case it’s at the bottom of the screen next to the Startup icon. In both cases, the function is linked to the file. Magnifying glass icon.

Now write in the search box some words related to your song: assuming the part sounds from the 80s, you can search for words like “80s music” or just “80s” and so on; If your work has a love story as a theme, you can search for « romantic songs », “love songs” and other things like that. Who can appreciate your song or podcast to avoid wasting time and rejection?

Once you’ve entered your keywords, you’ll see a series of playlists appear below the search box corresponding to what you’re looking for. At the end of the list one of the many items can be seen. View all playlists Select it and a screen will open with a list of all relevant Spotify songs. On the other hand, if you are looking for podcasts, choose View all podcasts and shows. Now all you have to do is choose the playlist you think is the best fit and contact the author.

Not sure what to choose because you find too many? First of all, the fact that many people are definitely speaking in their favor as it will mean that the chances of being inserted will be greater. Second, it can be used as criteria not only in files, but also in associations. Between a song or podcast and a playlist theme but also the files number of followers the higher the number of users, the higher the rating. However, keep your goal in mind: many smaller playlists on the lens are more useful than larger playlists and can be very popular. But it’s a generic playlist.

If you want to try other services, you should know that there are also sites that let you find some search-related playlists, such as the official Spotify. The Miners Playlist…which you can find here.

The operation is simple: the service will first ask you to register by pressing the green button. Sign in with Spotify, after that you can write keywords in the search box to see all relevant playlists and if you want even the most listened to.

Do you want to know which Spotify playlist is the best? I suggest you do it in this guide. The content published on Spotify continues to increase. But the playlists they recommend are still very popular!


Contacting Spotify Playlist Editors.

You’ve found something that works for you, but you don’t know. How to contact the publisher of the Spotify playlist you’re interested in. Actually, the method is minimal, but it works.

When you find a playlist that works for you in the web version of Spotify, look at the name that appears under the song or playlist title because it indicates who created it. Click to open the author’s profile and you’ll also see the photos they’ve posted. Try looking for names in other social networks, for example, on Facebook and see if the pictures match or look at the public: if the contacts are the same, you’ve got a nail in the head.

Now you have to write messages in a friendly tone. (But not exaggerated) and present your work by presenting it in a synthetic format. (You can’t write a “novel” to someone you don’t know!) Don’t ask them to insert a piece into a playlist, just listen and let us know what you think. If you like it, you will see that it will be inserted into the playlist and you will achieve your goal.

Think it’s difficult? Not necessarily. Do not underestimate the fact that private users create playlists out of passion, so they will not hesitate for a moment to enrich their creations.


To contact the official Spotify Curator.

 It’s best to download Spotify for Artists, available for Android (in Play Store or in alternative stores) rather than iOS/ iPadOS. An official one that lets you customize artist profiles, view track stats, and more. The process is simple and the results can be surprising if you try to advertise your music. (Although this process is not automated, I can’t vouch for you.)

If you’re using a smartphone, log into your Spotify account, press the Claim Your Profile button. To request your profile to be recognized as an artist, if you already have a piece published on Spotify, the process is the same on PC as well.

Once the artist is recognized, upload the song prior to the release date and use the file. Presentation to the playlist this allows the Spotify team to listen to the song and determine if it should be included in the official playlist.

Keep in mind that with Spotify for Artists you can add a lot of detail to the songs you upload: this application helps you to be more objective, identify which instrument to use, what kind of music it belongs to, and so on. Spotify publishers regularly review upcoming songs and after careful evaluation they can decide whether to include them in the next playlist. Don’t waste this opportunity!

Consider using files digital distributor seriously: You can find a lot of them online, and at a dealer-to-dealer conversion rate, they offer a wide range of services. It’s definitely not a high price, it’s not free. But it is not accessible at all.

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