How risky is obsolete software

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How risky is obsolete software

This article will answer questions about what is outdated software. Why does running outdated software make organizations more vulnerable to attacks? and theft of sensitive information more than any other organization.

What is outdated software?

First of all, it must be understood that An obsolete software is a program or instruction set that has not updated its processing capability. and has not been updated to make the security system more efficient.

software developer often build software or a set of instructions that can meet the needs of general people But when the time changes Technology is more advanced Developers have to upgrade their functionality, compute capabilities, and add new solutions to make the software more responsive to the needs of users.

At the same time, if cybercriminals are able to exploit software vulnerabilities in order to successfully penetrate the system to steal important information Developers have to hurry to close the leak. Improved security patches. can detect and blocking the attacks of cybercriminals more effectively as well

Outdated software is therefore not just a term for older software that users refuse to update. but also including software or a set of instructions that the developer stops developing and permanently supported

which of course Using outdated software or software that has been discontinued will be able to perform various processing tasks not as efficiently as they should It has older functionality that is not covered by todays technology. And it is full of security vulnerabilities that cybercriminals have successfully discovered and penetrated.


What are the reasons why organizations still use Outdated software and susceptible to threats every second.

Employee refuses to update.

Believe it or not, there are many employees who lack understanding of the use and security of information technology. Don’t know how important software updates are then will help the device to be stable. or how it helps his work to be more efficient As a result, they choose to ignore the software update even though a pop up notification to update software pops up on the screen several times.


Program or specific application of the organization the current version of the software/operating system is not yet supported.

That the program or a specific enterprise application doesn’t support the current software version. Organizations need to inform all employees to delay software updates. so that employees can still use the program or corporate applications to work normally before Organizations must also be vulnerable to the threats that may come with the use of outdated software as well.


The operating system of the device used to run it.

The operating system is the device’s security outpost. Because the operating system is a hardware controller. and device software It can detect, prevent, and block attacks of various threats. Organizations should notify employees to update their operating system software as soon as they are prompted. Or set the device to automatically update when new updates are made.


Antivirus software.

Currently there is malware And how attacks from cybercriminals are increasing almost every minute. You cannot predict what kind of threats your organization is at risk of today. Anti-virus software It will be able to immediately alert you which actions on the internet are posing a threat to threats. or if there is a threat trying to attack your internal device Employees using the device will know and report the incident in a timely manner.


Dedicated programs to support your organization’s work.

If these organizations have flaws, they can’t work at full capacity. It certainly affects the performance of your organization, so be sure to update them as soon as these programs provide you with an update notification.


But be careful Pop up notification of software updates on the Internet It might actually be malware

It’s nice to update the software to the current version, though. But if you see a pop-up warning that your software is out of date. Click on the pop-up to update, be careful Because of these pop-ups it could be a scam created by cybercriminals to fool Internet users. And click the pop-up to proceed. It does not know that clicking the pop-up is unknowingly installing malicious malware on the device.

At this point, you probably already have the answer to why. And every employee in an organization needs to keep their software up-to-date on a regular basis. But as you know, one of the problems that keep your organization circulating is outdated software is its employees or personnel in the organization that are not knowledgeable. Sufficient understanding of safety until ignoring the software update this may include other security updates.

 Therefore, what you should focus on right now is to build knowledge, understanding, known as Security Awareness, for your employees in your organization. To make them realize the importance of updating their running software every day. As well as other security precautions about Cyber ​​Security to enable your organization to continue doing business. Without threat and the invasion from the bad, sure enough.

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