Govt raises tax on diesel fuel


Islamabad: The central government has raised the petroleum development (PDL) tax on high speed diesel (HSD) fuel by Rs 7.50 per litre, ARY News reported on Sunday, citing sources.

The PL for high speed diesel has been increased from Rs 32.50 per liter to Rs 40 per liter effective January 29.

A source in the petroleum department told ARY news that the government is now keeping Rs5.14 as OMC margin per liter in HSD prices and Rs 7 per liter as dealer margin. Sales tax on diesel fuel is currently 0%.

The actual price of diesel excluding PDL and the difference is Rs.221.36 per liter.

Similarly, the Petroleum Development Levy (PDL) for gasoline is set at Rs.50 per litre, while the Inland Freight Adjustment (IFEM) difference is set at Rs.9.33 per liter.

Government is keeping Rs6 as margin of OMC on oil price per liter. the source said The actual rate of oil excluding PDL and other margins is Rs.177.47 per litre.

Government raises oil prices

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar announced on Sunday that the central government has decided to increase the price of petrol and diesel by 35 rupees per liter, which will take effect from 11:00 AM today.

In a televised address, Ishaq Dar said international oil prices rose 11 percent.

Dar further announced that the price of kerosene and light diesel has increased by Rs 18 per liter.

after the last round of hikes Petrol will be priced at Rs 249.80, diesel at Rs 262.80, kerosene at Rs 189.83 and light diesel at Rs 187.


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