Flour prices drop in Sindh after government releases wheat to mills


Karachi: Flour price dropped to 10 rupees per kg in Karachi’s open market. After the Sindh government released subsidized wheat quotas to flour mills, ARY News reported on Monday.

On the open market, the rate of wheat per kilogram fell from Rs 130 to Rs 120, according to the Karachi Grocery Wholesalers Association. The price of chucky and fine flour also dropped.

Price of chakki flour has been reduced from Rs160 to Rs 150 per kg.

Citing acute flour shortages and rising prices, the Sindh government released subsidized wheat quotas to flour mills. This lowered the price of flour by 10 rupees per kilogram in the Karachi market.

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The provincial food department released wheat quota to flour mills and juggie owners today. Flour mills receive 97,000 tonnes and 700,500 tonnes of wheat subsidies to chakki owners in Karachi.

In Hyderabad, food department released 27,947 tonnes of wheat to flour mills and 7,000 tonnes to chakki owners.

So far, the local government has released 201,608 tonnes of wheat to flour mills and 25,392 tonnes to chakki owners across Sindh.

The flour crisis has affected Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan. This makes it difficult for people to buy puffed flour from local markets. after the price of other essential goods rising rapidly as well

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in Punjab provincial food department Decided to review flour mill records amid severe wheat shortages Previously, the food department asked for three-month records from flour traders and store owners. DFC and AFC food will collect data in one week.

The step comes after the price of flour surged for the eighth time in two months in Lahore. The price of a 1kg bag rose 10 rupees in the provincial capital. and is currently selling for INR 160.

In the provincial capital of Balochistan, the price of flour continues to rise. when the latest rate of goods arrived 160 rupees per kg in Quetta.

The local price of 10 kg of flour has reached Rs 1,600, while a massive flour shortage has hit Quetta’s utility shops. Even though the government subsidizes the dough from the government.

The provincial food department announced the release of wheat quotas for flour mills on January 10.


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