Buccaneers quarterback Blaine Gabbert saves family from jet ski helicopter crash | CNN



Tampa Bay Buccaneers defender Blaine Gabbert He used a jet ski to save a helicopter passenger after it fell into the water last Thursday. He said at a news conference on Friday.

He and two brothers Tyler and Brett were jet skiing in Hillsboro Bay, Florida, when he said they heard noises. “soft sound”

“We turn around… And I remember looking to the west and seeing – it almost looked like four fragmented crew ships in the water – and I vaguely remember seeing it like two yellow life vests,” Gabbert said.

When he arrived at the scene, Gabbert said he realized it was a helicopter in the water. and is expected to be “Worst situation”

Tampa police said the helicopter was on its way back to Peter O. Knight Airport when the pilot heard a rumble and lost power.

About 300 feet from the airport’s beach, police said the pilot made an emergency landing in the water near the Davis Island Yacht Club, police said, with all passengers in the water.

“It looks like they are in trouble. we run there The youngest child had just come up and he said that he was crucified in it. And I asked if anyone else was stuck,” Gabbert said, later recalling at a press conference that the entire family was visibly shaken and covered up. landing oil

The helicopter was towed away after the rescue.

“Then I called 911, trying to be as calm as possible…I was at the right place and at the right time. Credit to the Tampa Police Department. fire brigade and the sheriff’s department Because they got there in five seconds.

“It’s quite amazing. I got two jet skis. My brothers got one. The pilot is still in the water. That’s when you guys showed up.”

video Arrested by the Tampa Police Department who arrived on the scene shortly after Gabbert and his brothers Perform a jet ski loop around the crash site. and the helicopter pilot climbed onto the police boat.

Gabbert and his siblings drove the Jet Ski safely back to the beach. And he was made an honorary member of the Tampa Police Marine Patrol after his contribution to Thursday’s rescue.

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