airline must ‘Use or lose’ UK airport slots


Airlines operating British airports are required to use 80% of their takeoff and landing aisles to maintain them. the government said on Tuesday as it will bring the industry back into line with pre-pandemic rules.

It’s called the “use it or lose it,” the 80:20 rule, which is Waiver When COVID-19 causing the number of passengers to decrease It will return from March 26 as demand for international travel increases. Britain’s transport ministry said in a statement.

“Slot rules will be back to normal this summer,” British transport minister Mark Harper is scheduled to speak in a speech at the Airport Operators Association’s annual meeting. According to the latest information published by the department

“Now we can start a new, more optimistic conversation about the future.”

Airport space is very limited and valuable. This gives airlines permission to use airport infrastructure such as runways and terminals on specific days and times.

The safety net for airlines launched during the pandemic will remain. By allowing airlines such as British Airways, easyJet (EZJ.L) and Ryanair (Ror.)To refund 5% of slots before the start of the season to help avoid last minute cancellations.

The government will also have flexibility in cases where airlines justify not using the slot, such as when a particular destination is affected by coronavirus restrictions. the government added

Industry authorities, Airlines UK, said they welcomed the flexibility. So that airlines are not penalized for travel restrictions.

“Airlines recognize that when passenger demand returns, And we are approaching another busy summer. Slot rules therefore must be followed properly. The global recovery continues to be bumpy and we are yet to return to full normalcy,” the spokesman said.

The government said the decision was made in consultation with industry on how best to support recovery from the pandemic. By October 2022, the number of passengers at UK airports reached 85% of the equivalent in 2019.


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