8 shots opened at crowded MLK Day party in Fort Pierce, Florida, officials say | CNN



Eight people were shot at a blockade party attended by more than 1,000 people celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Fort Pierce, Florida, on Monday, police said.

Brian Hester, deputy chief of the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s office, spoke during a news conference.

At least four people were injured as people fled for safety. sheriff’s office sayOne of the injured was a youth who was injured as people rushed out of the park where the event was held. hester said

“When the gun shot People were running in every direction,” Hester said. “There was someone sleeping in the back of the car. It was difficult to tell who was the victim and who was hiding in that spot.”

The shooting began around 5:20 p.m. in Ilous Ellis Park, where the community had gathered for an afternoon car show. dance performance live dj and children’s activities to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. event flyer show

in the video taken by a witness Participants are seen dancing beside their cars and enjoying the music as gunfire begins to echo throughout the song. The people in the crowd began to rush away from the noise. Some hid behind cars or took children by the hand and ran across the road.

The incident was the 30th mass shooting in the country this year, according to Gun Violence ArchivesLike CNN, the nonprofit defines a mass shooting as four or more people are shot. Excluding perpetrators, the US has seen an average of two mass shootings per day so far this year.

Two sheriff’s officers stationed in the park rushed to the scene and assisted the injured. hester said Several witnesses also offered help and took people to the hospital. he added

The sheriff’s office did not name a suspect in the shooting. But investigators were following leads Monday night from witnesses and community members.

Investigators initially believed that the gunshots involved multiple shooters. and as a result of “Some disagreement between the two parties,” Hester said.

“A large number of innocent people injured or wounded are not part of the conflict,” he added.

“Really unfortunate and tragic that during the celebration of those representing peace and equality Discord has resulted in gun use and violence,” Hester said.

He estimated as many as 40 sheriff’s office officers were working on the case Monday night. as they process the scene Talking to the victim at the hospital and follow the clues

Investigators are asking anyone with information about the shooting to contact authorities or to send anonymous advice through. CrimeStoppersThe sheriff’s department is handling the case because Ilous Ellis Park is a St. Lucie County park.

Fort Pierce is a coastal city. About an hour’s drive north of West Palm Beach.

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