7 family business mistakes that make their business broken

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7 family business mistakes that make their business broken

In managing a business, if it’s small, it’s rarely a problem for a single owner. But if it starts to grow into a medium-sized business that starts with many parties involved Hiring talented people to help manage is inevitable. But recruiting for the best talent is difficult. Because most talented people choose to work with big companies. Well-known public company High salaries in SMEs are limited in this regard. Unless they are willing to spend a lot of money on their salary. Not inferior to big companies Or hire a specific supplier who is good at that subject. such as account There are also professional companies that can help to lighten the burden of people. but in spite of this Business owners must have knowledge of everything in order to take care of their business to be sustainable forever.


6. Succession, business successor.

because it is a family business Most of the succession was to only descendants or people of the same family. If the children who will inherit the business are smart, good people, and diligent, there should be no problem. But if scanned, among the descendants, no one took the bay. I must admit that hiring outsiders to manage the business is necessary. This has to be accepted because we are primarily business. Must know how to trust others because even if other people come to manage But if he has the knowledge and ability, it may help the company grow strong and stable. But if really unacceptable However, it must be a member of the family only. Another way to do this is to hire a consultant to take care of it. But have to accept the cost that is high enough


7. Money and gold don’t go in and out of anyone unsystematic spending.

Some SMEs business owners, when doing business for a while grow up more money as well therefore, be careful about spending money well. Must be separated between business money and personal money. Accounting for income and expenses don’t make fun of it. Why did I use all the money? Well, I’m rich. I have a lot of money. I bought a luxury car, but I forgot that business requires money. This must be realized from the start of the business. Don’t be fooled by the extravagance, because disaster is sure to lie ahead.


3 different world problems that SMEs or Startups have always encountered in recruiting new employees with solutions.

Having a small business or a successful startup what you can’t overlook is recruiting talented people to help move your company forward. But finding the right people, good employees, it’s not that easy to find anywhere. We, SMEs, have been facing a headache with this all the time in finding employees. What is it? Let’s go see.



1. Don’t know the best source where to look for a good candidate.

Most SME companies, especially in the early days Business owners have to find employees themselves. The way to find it is inevitable. word of mouth Or go to post jobs on job search websites such as Job, Jobtopgun, Jobs DB, something like this, which we must pray that we will get good people to apply for it. Finding people like this is known as Passive Recruitment is waiting! It’s like buying a lottery ticket and waiting for it to win a prize, which I don’t know if it’s right or not.

The solution is to practice doing Proactive Recruitment is to go fishing for Candidates in various places. Where Candidates should be located, such as finding from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, searching for social media, in addition to knowing how to find it you also need to know how to speak, persuade, and convince them of your interest in your company.

2. Don’t know how to attract top talent.

Not-so-famous SME companies Not as famous as the big companies, the chances of acquiring good people are less. Suppose that you will find employees to work, such as looking for a Software Developer to create applications. and want a good person But I don’t know what to do to get him interested besides hiring more expensive ones. which the company does not have a lot of budget In the end, we need to find someone who can plow it, some good and some not so good.

The solution is smaller little reputation It’s not about looking for good people. Well, I can’t always come to work. The company must sell something else. In addition to increasing money only, such as doing Employer Branding (building corporate image) to be attractive to work, good corporate culture There is an interesting way of working. You should learn how to do content marketing that helps candidates get to know you better. and convince them to be interested in working in your company.

3. Don’t know who should be hired Let them know that this is the “right person”.

Because the people who find employees in the early days are business owner who are not good at finding people, interviewing people, don’t know what to ask to know The person being interviewed is either a right person or a non-person, so they use their emotions, feelings, destiny, or even physiognomy or looks as a measure and guess that this person is probably the right person. and yuan can be hired but eventually became Non-person and add to your headache notches.

Solution for business owners Or a recruiter needs to practice interviewing skills to be principled, structured, a measure of what your company is looking for in a candidate. It takes logic to find the right person rather than feeling.


Email Marketing Old but seasoned that can’t be overlooked.

If back 50 years ago, electronic mail or e-mail is a new story that has added color to direct marketing from the former sending sales letters directly to recipients via mail. It became sent directly via email. which makes the shipping cost much cheaper As long as social media like Facebook, Line At, Instagram, etc. take their place, email marketing has become an obsolete thing. In the opinion of those who know like Preset Worachatranich, a digital marketing expert invited by SCB SME to share their stories. Email Marketing Gan said that email is like a sleeping giant that will help increase sales to make a sustainable leap. E-mail can generate orders 3 times higher than social media marketing because e-mail communication gives the owner a sense of privacy that goes directly to the recipient. or target customers


Email can generate orders 3 times higher than social media marketing because e-mail communication gives the owner a sense of privacy that goes straight to the recipient. or target customers

Making Email Marketing Successful Should use the services of Email Marketing Service, which currently has a variety of service providers. Each owner has features that entrepreneurs can use as gimmicks to enhance their marketing efficiency, such as being able to measure how many people open an email, who opens it. And where are people clicking on the link? including sending duplicate emails to people who have not opened emails or not clicking on links that will lead to sales

Using Email Marketing makes it possible to target audiences more directly than other types of marketing. because the email list can be sorted into categories according to the customer’s information This will help brand communication to be more targeted. are offered for sale in the interests of or the actual needs of the target audience thus helping to increase sales opportunities

“According to MailChimp’s survey, email marketing has increased sales by 13%, more than Social Ads, and more cost-effective. An e-mail that can generate interest in the customer earns an ROI of 3,800% in gross sales minus advertising costs, which is comparable to spending $1 and earning $38 in return. This was revealed by an online merchant in the United States. Which uses email marketing to generate income for itself up to 3 million baht per year, so if you understand and do it, email marketing will generate a lot of sales ever.

“The key principle is that before sending an email, you have to think about what your customers want. for a presentation that is on point until it can be returned to sales by the path of doing email marketing is sent and received Recipient reads and the attachment is opened or click the link as you want The strategies are very diverse. In the E-commerce system, we can see that people who come to the web. and put the items in the basket but don’t buy a lot In this amount, if we send an email later with a special discount offer. Will allow us to get an additional 30% more customers because he does not buy. not out of interest But maybe because it wasn’t ready at that time. Re-sending the e-mail can therefore help close more sales.”

The advantage of sending e-mails is the behavior of people who open e-mails. Most will take time to gradually open each mail And read the details calmly, most of whom already know that the mail. is sales mail That means that people who open the email have a certain level of interest in the product. Which is different from messages communicated via social media which is too urging to make decisions and now there are so many that people are tired and it has become a cause for Facebook to adjust the feed that reaches consumers.

“If a customer reads and receives the news we send, it means that they really want this product or service. It is not oppressed by us and doesn’t feel annoyed by what we send. The important thing is that the email can be personalized. This will increase the click rate by 10% because the recipient will feel the privacy. It’s like we’re sending directly to him specially. In addition, email can also be connected to Facebook to shoot ads to the target audience. Where we do not need to have the name of the customer’s Facebook at all with just an email address, this can be done. by ordering Facebook to help find out what email address Facebook uses.”

However, to make email marketing to be effective as above. Prasit said that it had to rely on tools from Email Marketing Service or Email Marketing Service, which currently has a lot of service providers in this field. Prasit offers the service of MailChimp because it has all the basic features, is easy to use, most importantly, the free version is for those who are not ready to pay. But it will be limited to use some features that are useful in the advanced level.

However, in doing email marketing to be effective. Khun Prasit recommends that you choose quality emails to add to the list. In other words, the emails on the list must be obtained with the consent of the owner. to prevent being branded as spam There are several strategies for getting the right emails. The best way is to keep it on our own website by placing the Subscription Form in different places. on the website to encourage interested people to choose Subscribe by themselves

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