5 techniques for doing business online

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5 techniques for doing business online

Thai online retail market continues to expand due to many factors. Because of the development of the ordering system Continuous payment and delivery today, consumers are more willing to shop online. Coupled with widespread access to the Internet Make it easy for people to use the Internet via mobile phones. Therefore, it has become another important fundamental factor in driving marketing activities and online shopping for goods and services into the era of M-Commerce well.

       In the future, online channels will play an additional role in the business. Retail and is an opportunity for entrepreneurs who should turn to expand more online channels because such channels do not have clear market leaders. The investment is not high compared to opening a storefront. Today, I would like to recommend 5 techniques for doing business online to be great. For entrepreneurs who want to seriously penetrate the online market. In the new era of lifestyle, all roads are jumping into online business many times more than before. After the epidemic of COVID-19 since the end of 2019, dragging on until 2021 has become a catalyst for the global e-commerce market to grow by leaps and bounds. Consequences of limiting travel to each other and keeping distance from each other to avoid spreading the deadly disease Driving consumers to shop online in the social world.

Like Thailand, the shopping spree is not as bad as other countries. In 2020, online commerce has a value of up to 220 billion baht, accounting for 4-5 percent of the country’s retail sales. Or a growth of 35% compared to the year 2019 with a value of 163.3 billion baht, or a 3% growth of the whole country’s retail sales

1. Keep good customer information. 

The advantage of doing business online is that it can collect detailed customer information. Know what each person’s shopping behavior is like. The first step for those who are going to enter the online market is the first thing that must be carefully considered. What is a good product to sell? Where will the products be sold, where will they be picked up, and how will they be sold? Can the product meet the customer’s needs or not? What is the behavior of consumers, how old, and what gender? It is important to know the lifestyle of that group of customers. What kind of products do you like? Where does he like to travel? Simply put, how does he behave? how he buys What problems does he encounter in his daily life?

2. Separate customer segments clearly. 

Must separate customers into the right groups. By having to know that our products are suitable for which group of customers because there is no product in the world that is suitable for every group of customers, so if the customer groups can be clearly separated It will help the product sell at the right place. More timing Increase opportunities to reach and expand more markets Successful penetration of the online market want the product to be liked by consumers Want to create non-stop sales growth is the ambition of every entrepreneur but if it’s even better, it’s a good idea to have a deeper objective, which are two things every online business should do. is that the product must be numbered and must have a specified period such as wanting customers to like the product How much do you like? What is the number of likes? How long do you like it? What are the numbers of that time?

3. Communicating must be satisfying.

content or content that will be communicated to customers in online channels. Must be interesting and there are beautiful illustrations that will help attract both new and old customers to come and buy our products. Many global brands are taking this seriously, such as Volvo, to position their products to stand out in the customer’s mind in terms of safety. (Prospects) who care about safety as a top priority become a Volvo customer.

4. Shoot ads to the right group online business.

The key to getting people to see your product or service is to buy ads through social media. Therefore, choosing the target audience to advertise to the right group. It will help to promote more sales. Online marketing strategies are not different from general marketing principles, but need to be clearer. There are 4P in general marketing. Online marketing also has 4P, but it is different from the traditional marketing strategy 4P. Which consists of the product (Product), price (Price), promotion (Promotion) and the place (Place) or online platform (Online Platform) is considered important if targeted customers to be clear will attract customers to the online store continuously

5. Must have continuity online business. 

can’t start and can’t stop because it will make customers not focus on your business, so must communicate to customers regularly. To maintain old customers and increase new customer base. In online marketing, you need to think of all the processes to be completed before you can place or allocate your investment budget. Because online marketing plans require creativity. Therefore, it must be placed as the first step. In the event that the marketing plan comes out and is very elegant But came across the problem of insufficient budget. Then you can come up with a solution later, for example, can you co-Brand with others? / Can you borrow money? / Can you cut off some plans first, etc.?

       With the ever-increasingly competitive online market conditions Operators must try to adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of each customer. To make customers feel special about the product or brand or feel different from other competitors

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