5 Renewable Energy Technology Companies Business That Are Making a Difference

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 5 Renewable Energy Technology Companies Business That Are Making a Difference

How could you not be intrigued by green energy technology companies? These businesses are changing the world as we know it and making it a cleaner, more efficient place to live. While some of these energy tech companies are brand new, others have been in business for decades, and all of them are leading the way in sustainable development. Whether you’re looking to start a business or just want to invest in some of the future’s most innovative companies, here are five of the best renewable energy technology companies in the world today.

1) United Power

Founded in 2006 by A.G. Kawamura, United Power offers an eco-friendly product that helps businesses save money on energy costs and mitigate their impact on global warming. As of 2018, its more than 150 users have saved over $7 million by making use of its solar hot water heaters and electrical power generators, also known as Blockbuster Solar products. The company has been so successful that it’s expanding beyond Hawaii to California and Oregon thanks to seed funding from JP Morgan Chase & Co. and funds from Japanese investors. United Power is leading innovation in renewable energy technology companies by providing solutions for business owners and homeowners alike who want to lessen their impact on climate change while saving money on utility bills. If you’re looking for eco friendly tech companies, look no further than United Power.

2) SustainX

SustainX, based in North Billerica, Mass., makes their fuel cells from glass and stainless steel. By using these materials instead of traditional fuel cell components made from advanced metals, SustainX was able to bring down costs. Another way SustainX reduced cost is by using ‘off-the-shelf’ parts in their products, instead of designing them from scratch. Even if an off-the-shelf component may not be quite as efficient as an ideal component designed for use in renewable energy technology companies would be, it’s still more efficient than inventing your own component from scratch. Plus it reduces production time and manufacturing costs overall; which helps reduce energy prices even further by increasing availability and affordability of renewable energy tech. These are just two examples of how sustainability can help businesses succeed.

3) Fluidic Energy

Fluidic is one of my favorite clean energy technology companies; it uses naturally-occurring gases to produce electricity. Not only does Fluidic’s technology reduce your carbon footprint, but its generators are also cost effective and relatively low maintenance. Plus, since green tech companies like Fluidic offer more natural power sources, you can rest easy knowing you’re making an eco-friendly choice that won’t have any negative effects on our planet. By investing in renewable energy technology companies like Fluidic, we’ll help propel these technologies from niche applications to world-changing breakthroughs. You might even invest early enough that people will tell future generations about how you helped jumpstart some of today’s most important green energy technologies! It may sound cliché, but really: Every little bit helps when we’re talking about protecting our environment for future generations.

4) Axiom Exergy

Axiom Exergy is a renewable energy technology company focused on producing, storing and transferring thermal energy. The firm’s patented thermal battery technology has led to numerous wins with utility companies looking to replace conventional power sources. Axiom Exergy stores cold underground in sandstone formations, so electricity can be efficiently delivered during peak periods of demand. Founded in 2010, Axiom Exergy has received over $23 million in venture funding from Google Ventures and Khosla Ventures, as well as smaller firms such as Harbinger Capital Partners and RockPort Capital Partners. In 2014, Axiom Exergy was awarded a grant by ARPA-E for their innovative new battery technology. As interest in green tech continues to grow, Axiom Exergy stands out as one of today’s leading clean energy technology companies.

5) Clearway Energy

Clearway is one of the top green energy tech companies in Canada, leveraging technology to commercialize technologies that convert low-temperature heat into renewable energy. The company has developed an innovative and economical method for harnessing waste heat from industrial processes, which otherwise would be released into atmosphere as hot air, using Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems and is currently focused on ORC products for resource recovery and thermal heating applications. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Clearway has operations in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec. In addition to their efforts in North America, Clearway’s partners are engaged in diverse business activity around ORC markets throughout Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. They have offices in Vancouver, BC; Montreal, QC; Calgary, AB; Laval, QC; Paris and Dubai.

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