3 Best Application To Make Your Website Secure In 2022

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3 Best Application To Make Your Website Secure In 2022

Security Of Web Applications:

Why is it crucial? When you have a website and you are looking for any information about your users, you can see by who came first and what data they have. What if someone tries to access their account without permission or you lose control of this website? All this information is available to anyone with some knowledge and some skills. What is more important, there is also possibility to make everything possible to do so that nothing can happen.

In order to protect websites, we’re going to introduce several measures that can make them much safer. First of all, you need to install security solutions. There are many companies to choose from. You can use Fidnly, Nmap, Firebase, etc. As a rule, I recommend using these tools in combination due to their functionality and ability to provide us with everything necessary for securing our site effectively. If you are thinking about something else, then take a look at how you are developing your webpage and find out which solution is most suitable for security purposes. Do not be afraid to search for information that is useful for business. You don’t have to choose only one tool or two. Just try different options and see what suits and works best for you. A lot of people pay $200 to $500 for an average year, when you can pay less if you need to. So, try and find what works the best for you. Another way to choose is to think about what you like most about your particular application. For instance, if you like sports, then you can choose basketball. You can even develop your website according to the requirements that you have and do not leave anything on the page that is not necessary for the user, or the application itself. This approach would work especially for those who like sports and want to watch their favorite team in the world.

As I said earlier, in any case you can create a development environment in Chrome DevTools. At least 5-10 minutes with this is enough to consider it for your personal project. As soon as you start working with it, you will know exactly where your code is and if everything has been carefully written. Here’s a great video how to set up your own development environment using Chrome DevTools: https://youtu.be/0AQ3dQ6Z0w

I would not forget about the importance of having an audit trail for our systems. Audit trails helps us to verify our system properly. From time to time, we can check the state of our system. We can go through all changes that were made to the system and understand what work has been done and why. Having such a record, allows us to avoid mistakes. And what kind of mistakes you can’t avoid? Especially it is easier to detect if you know how your website is secured. In addition to that, it is vital to do any activity with a reliable network when you use a server. Don’t forget about its encryption. Try to make sure that it’s done correctly. For example, here is a list of domains: http://yourdomain.com/yourpage.php http://yourdomain.com/, https://yourdomain.com http://yourdomain.org/, https://yourdomain.es http://yourdomain.net http://yourdomain.com/, https://yourdomain.net.etc.

One of the biggest risks of any website is a vulnerability. And this threat is constantly growing as soon as possible. That is why hackers try new ways to get into a website and steal confidential information. They often attack sites where security isn’t particularly high. By the way, not all vulnerabilities are dangerous and they also bring us many benefits. It doesn’t mean that they are 100% safe. But having such a level of protection can increase chances to find some potential security threats and remove them in advance. Nowadays, there are various applications to analyze vulnerabilities. These can be found online at Google Playstore or GitHub.

There are tools used to find bugs and fix them. Common ones are Wireshark that helps us to find a bug, Cylance that analyzes the source code, Snyk which helps me to find vulnerabilities. Such apps are very helpful and reliable.

Even knowing about vulnerabilities from internet is very easy nowadays. I can tell you about my personal experience and how it happened. There are still many vulnerabilities on my website. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to detect them because I didn’t have proper investigation in my website. Only after analyzing few vulnerabilities and checking existing vulnerabilities I could figure out what they were, how vulnerable they were and what they had to do with the whole site. Then I started writing tests. As soon as I wrote the tests, my website became better protected.

This article is about three best application to make your website secure in 2022. Each of them was developed with good intentions and they work perfectly well. Let’s start!

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